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Why MALLathon

Welcome to


We offer a premier site for advertisers and shoppers with the top -- state of the art features.


MALLathon was professionally and specially designed for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses


MALLathon makes advertising easy and affordable at a fraction of the cost of other types of advertising


High End Features Include

  • ♦Your Own PayPal Button for each Ad (free of charge--MALLathon does not charge any fees--you just pay your standard PayPal fees)
    • • Use for deposits, payments, reservations. PayPal makes buying, printing shipping labels and shipping easy.
    • • Mini-Website-- Advertisers now have an easy to create and easy to use mini-website without the hassles of a website
  • ♦YouTube Videos for each Ad - can post Video or Music tracks
  • ♦Posting on Facebook and Twitter - single click-- if desired
  • ♦10 or more images for every Ad - depending on Subscription
  • ♦Slide Show available for automatic scrolling of images
  • ♦Can link Ads so customers can easily find other Ads posted by same individual or company
  • ♦ Optional CSV and XML uploads for 10's to 1000's of Ads.
  • ♦Optional Feed Imports for CSV or XML for large volume of Ads that change frequently such as price, availability, etc.


Subscription Based Ad Listings has major advantages for all advertisers over typical online advertising sites.

  • ♦Basically, it is like renting Ad Space that you are free to post or not post ads anytime during the Subscription
  • ♦Our Subscription System keeps Advertising costs down, stable and predictable.
  • ♦Ad Listings can be activated or deactivated, so Advertiser does not need to delete Ad and recreate Ad if needed again
    • • This is useful for Holiday Ads, home rentals, and retailers like car lots, craft makers who frequently change inventory, etc.
  • ♦ Advertisers can change number of Ads Showing without having to pay more fees
  • ♦Ads are always editable so no need to post and pay for new Ad...just edit current Ad. Example: if price or description changes--no problem


We offer huge selections of ads in virtually any category you can imagine.

  • ♦This is a major advantage for all of our Advertisers
    • • Huge variety promotes repeat shopping
    • •Huge variety also promotes cross shopping and exploring of other items and services posted on
  • ♦Our Advertisers benefit with having their items and services discovered because repeat shoppers, cross-shopping and exploring.


MALLathon makes it easy to Advertise and Control costs

  • ♦ Cost-per-Click advertising is very expensive way to advertise and getting more complicated and costly every day
  • ♦Search Engine Optimization has continually changing algorithms which makes getting good organic search page position very difficult and erratic.
  • ♦Furthermore, complicated changing algorithms requires constantly editing, modifying, even adding undesired content or deleting desired content
  • ♦This ultimately leads to an unpleasant shopping experience for the shopper who often is not able to find what they are shopping for


MALLathon has State of the Art Advanced Search Function which is essential for a good shopping experience and ultimately for the Advertisers to increase sales.

  • ♦Using our Advanced Search Function allows shoppers to find products based on Search Terms in Title, Keyword Field or Description
  • ♦Equally important, Shoppers can exclude Search Terms in Title, Keyword Field or Description allowing customer to easily find desired items and exclude unwanted items from searches
  • ♦Shoppers can search if PayPal is or is not available, new or previously owned, offered by business or individual
  • ♦Shoppers can also search for items or services based on city, zip code and proximity to a location.



MALLathon is one stop shopping for all for huge online stores, Specialty Stores  which are smaller with huge variety of products, Comparison Shopping with millions of items, and easy advertising and shopping for individuals, small or large businesses...for items or services, local or national. all in one convenient place.


MALLathon :  Millions of brand or hard to find and Services for all needs


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