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 1) Register (go to Home Page and at top of Banner, click the Register link)


 2) Pick Subscription (make sure works with coupon if you have a coupon)


 3) Fill In Info


 4) Post Ad (select button on left after log in)


 5) Select Package (if more than one package included in your subscription)


 6) Select Category and then Subcategory for AD


 7) Fill in Blanks numbers only in fee or salary, searchable key words


 8) Upload Images (or Video if allowed in your Ad Package), Enter YOUTube ID if posting YOUTube


 9) Enter Description (this is non searchable)


10) Select Listing Features Facebook and/or Twitter, Then YOUTube, Highlighted, Slideshow, or other Features if offered and desired


11) Finally, you must go to My Ad Listings (left button when logged in) to edit, pay and activate Ad (If you don't activate Ad, your Ad will not show).




♦ You can only pick one Subscription per email address and it cannot be changed except by totally deleting your profile which will delete all  previous and current ads and credits you may have in your account


♦ You may Register with a different email address to a different subscription. In other words, you may have more than one subscription. But, you can only have one subscription associated with one email address


♦ You should pick subscription based on your anticipated needs to place future ads


♦ If you only need to place ads in the "Community" section then Free Ads is probably your best selection


♦ If you need to place ads in other categories, then you will need to select the subscription for "Individuals and Business"


♦ If you have a coupon, make sure you select the Subscription that your coupon applies too


♦ If you accidentally select the incorrect Subscription and your coupon does not work, you will need to Register and select correct Subscription either with a new email address or delete profile with incorrect subscription and Register and select correct Subscription with same email address.