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EliteFixtures  Recent Price Drops
DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
1 Light Pocket Lantern$79.83$29.93$49.90
1 Light Post Mount$639.96$452.51$187.45
12" Sconce$195.80$129.51$66.29
14" Pendant$525.80$347.75$178.05
18" Pendant$657.80$435.05$222.75
1Lt Indoor/ Outdoor$129.80$85.85$43.95
1Lt Led Indoor Mini Pendant$261.80$174.42$87.38
1Lt Led Mini Pendant$305.80$193.09$112.71
1Lt Led Outdoor$195.80$129.51$66.29
1Lt Outdoor$129.80$85.85$43.95
2 Light 120 Watt 12 Wide Chandelier With White Off White Silk Shimmer Shade$149.90$74.94$74.96
2 Lt G9 Sconce$107.80$45.75$62.05
3 Light Large Pendant$199.90$124.94$74.96
3 Light North Port Chandelier$269.90$157.45$112.45
3-Light Vanity$547.80$362.30$185.50
3Lt Led Mini Pendant Spiral$657.80$342.45$315.35
4 Light 240 Watt Ceiling Mount Convertible Chain Hung Chandelier$119.90$67.44$52.46
4 Light Chandelier Crystal, Espresso$440.00$72.00$368.00
4 Lt G9 Sconce$217.80$92.43$125.37
5 Light 300W Chandelier With Candelabra Bulb Base$199.98$87.53$112.45
56K Cooltouch Control System Basic$137.69$43.69$94.00
6 Light Chandelier$799.90$424.94$374.96
6 Light Coronado Chandelier$299.90$187.45$112.45
Bath Light$399.98$250.03$149.95
Bronze Coronado 5 Light 1 Tier Chandelier$249.90$144.95$104.95
Bronze Coronado 6 Light 1 Tier Chandelier$223.96$149.00$74.96
Bronze Coronado 8 Light 2 Tier Chandelier$479.96$367.51$112.45
Brushed Nickel Legacy 6 Light Pendant$599.90$412.45$187.45
Coronado 3 Light Bathroom Vanity Light$119.90$74.94$44.96
Coronado 4 Light Bathroom Vanity Light$169.90$94.94$74.96
Coronado Semi Flush Ceiling Light$109.90$64.94$44.96
Drum Flush$547.80$362.30$185.50
Imperial Bronze Coronado 9 Light 2 Tier Chandelier$399.90$249.95$149.95
Large Vanity$547.80$232.45$315.35
LED 4-Light 31" Vanity$437.80$173.11$264.69
Led 5Lt Spiral Pendant$877.80$499.13$378.67
Led Island Pendant$1,009.80$390.49$619.31
Led Linear Rail$305.80$129.77$176.03
Led Mini Pendant$151.80$100.40$51.40
Led Pendant$767.80$325.80$442.00
Led Ring Pendant$547.80$283.11$264.69
Led Sconce$195.80$129.51$66.29
Led Vanity$503.80$251.78$252.02
Led Wall Sconce$349.80$148.44$201.36
Livex Lighting 6103-58 Imperial Bronze Coronado 3 Light Bathroom Vanity Light$119.90$74.94$44.96
Livex Lighting 6115-07 Bronze Coronado 5 Light 1 Tier Chandelier$249.90$144.95$104.95
Livex Lighting 6119-58 Imperial Bronze Coronado 9 Light 2 Tier Chandelier$399.90$249.95$149.95
Mini Pendant$217.80$92.43$125.37
Mini- Flush$327.80$216.80$111.00