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DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
Adweek Digital$99.00$39.60$59.40
Australian 4WD Action Digital$45.26$18.62$26.64
Blue Water Sailing Digital$18.00$7.20$10.80
CBS Soaps In Depth Digital$39.75$11.93$27.82
Chat It's Fate Digital$17.09$5.55$11.54
Computer Music Digital$35.99$14.40$21.59
Deals On Wheels Australia Digital$67.21$27.25$39.96
DinVinGuide Digital$54.15$18.93$35.22
Family Handyman Digital$14.99$6.00$8.99
Fast Company Digital$12.99$5.20$7.79
Golf Monthly Digital$43.32$18.25$25.07
Inc. Digital$12.99$5.20$7.79
Maxim Digital$14.97$5.99$8.98
Men's Health Digital$30.00$6.01$23.99
Modern Fishing Digital$31.68$13.03$18.65
Money Australia Digital$30.17$12.41$17.76
National Palace Museum ebook æ•…aa‡ç‰ˆa ›»a æ›a æ› Digital$27.26$10.19$17.07
NZ Rugby World Digital$17.47$7.32$10.15
Overland Journal Digital$24.99$10.00$14.99
Overlander 4WD Digital$31.68$13.03$18.65
Penthouse Digital$29.95$11.98$17.97
Penthouse Letters Digital$29.99$12.00$17.99
Playboy - Argentina Digital$29.99$12.00$17.99
Practical Boat Owner Digital$43.32$18.25$25.07
Sound & Vision Digital$9.99$5.80$4.19
T3 Digital$32.37$11.98$20.39
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Digital$39.90$16.81$23.09
Whisky & Rom Digital$54.15$18.93$35.22
Women's Health Digital$25.00$5.01$19.99
Yachting Monthly Digital$45.61$19.22$26.39
Zigzag Digital$12.73$5.73$7.00