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Online Amish Furniture  Recent Price Drops
DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
Balboa Chair$1,417.28$48.28$1,369.00
Berkley Trestle Table$1,100.97$10.00$1,090.97
Bow Arm Chair$936.27$17.27$919.00
Bow Arm Loveseat$1,502.77$43.00$1,459.77
Bow Arm Panel Glider$864.17$16.00$848.17
Bow Arm Panel Morris Chair$977.47$10.00$967.47
Bow Arm Slat Glider$837.05$40.00$797.05
Bow Arm Slat Loveseat Glider$1,234.97$25.97$1,209.00
Bow Arm Slat Morris Chair$905.37$10.37$895.00
Bow Arm Slat Rocker$737.33$30.00$707.33
Bow Arm Slat Swivel Glider$925.97$26.00$899.97
Bow Arm Sofa$2,007.47$51.47$1,956.00
Clearspring Panel Morris Chair$977.47$12.00$965.47
Clearspring Slat Morris Chair$905.37$16.37$889.00
Delphi Trestle Table$1,239.40$30.00$1,209.40
Diamond Chair$1,636.67$40.67$1,596.00
Durango Chair$976.44$60.00$916.44
Durango Loveseat$1,502.77$43.77$1,459.00
Durango Morris Chair$1,004.67$55.67$949.00
Durango Sofa$2,007.47$51.47$1,956.00
Empire Chair$936.27$22.27$914.00
Empire Loveseat$1,502.77$43.77$1,459.00
Empire Sofa$2,007.47$48.47$1,959.00
Gallery Leg Table$869.53$10.00$859.53
Glenwood Trestle Table$1,020.94$21.00$999.94
Grand Island Trestle Table$1,261.03$82.00$1,179.03
Hamlet Trestle Table$1,258.87$70.00$1,188.87
Harper Trestle Table$1,206.95$21.00$1,185.95
Heartland Panel Recliner Chair$1,123.49$59.49$1,064.00
Heartland Slat Recliner Chair$1,006.79$47.79$959.00
High Back Panel Chair$1,240.19$51.19$1,189.00
High Back Panel Loveseat$1,696.38$97.38$1,599.00
High Back Slat Chair$1,165.93$66.93$1,099.00
High Back Slat Loveseat$1,663.49$95.49$1,568.00
High Back Slat Sofa$2,025.26$116.26$1,909.00
Jordan Trestle Table$1,697.96$107.00$1,590.96
Manitoba Table$1,541.30$13.00$1,528.30
McCoy Chair$1,348.27$39.27$1,309.00
McCoy Glider$905.37$26.37$879.00
McCoy Loveseat$1,852.97$53.97$1,799.00
McCoy Morris Chair$1,059.87$30.87$1,029.00
McCoy Recliner$1,028.97$20.00$1,008.97
Mccoy Server$1,474.96$200.00$1,274.96
Mission Leg Table With Walnut Inlays$690.00$10.00$680.00
Old Century Trestle Table$1,049.06$30.00$1,019.06
Olde Mill Pedestal Table$869.53$50.00$819.53
Shaker Hall Seat$1,077.70$79.70$998.00
Skyline Panel Loveseat Recliner$1,887.34$100.00$1,787.34
Skyline Slat Loveseat Recliner$1,760.03$96.03$1,664.00