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Phantom 3.5CH RC Helicopter 3-Pack Bundle Deal
List Price: $90.29
Price: $59.95
Pick up a 3-Pack Bundle Deal of the GYRO Phantom 3.5CH Electric RTF RC Helicopter. One of each color is included!

UDI HeliCar 3.5CH Missile Firing RC Helicopter
List Price: $65.95
Price: $29.95
Can't decide whether you want a RC car or a RC helicopter Get the best of both worlds with the UDI HeliCar 3.

World Tech Toys X9 Extremely Tuff 3CH RTF Electric RC Helicopter 3 Pack Bundle
List Price: $164.95
Price: $79.95
This amazing bundle includes 3 super tuff 3CH RC Helicopters!

Licensed Ferrari F430 #1 Challenge 1:24 Electric RTR RC Car
List Price: $42.89
Price: $19.95
If you are a fan of Ferraris then you need to do yourself a favor and get the Licensed Ferrari F430 #1 Challenge 1:24 Electric RTR RC Car.

F301 3.5CH RTR RC Helicopter
List Price: $59.99
Price: $14.95
The brand new GYRO F301 3.5CH Electric RC Helicopter comes with the greatest advancement in Helicopter Technology a Gyro.

Hyper Line Tracker Robot
List Price: $90.00
Price: $9.95
Hyper yes and we really mean it. This cyber bug possesses a sonic tracking system and is fortified with a multitude of sensors: photo transistors to d [more info..]

Mars Space Sand &half Ib Yellow
List Price: $8.00
Price: $2.50
It reacts just like the soil on Mars by never absorbing water. Even if you soak this sand in water it will stay dry and resist the water.

Electronic Die Minikit
List Price: $11.00
Price: $2.50
This is a Electronic Die Minikit.

DCA-9200 Adapter for DC power supply
List Price: $15.95
Price: $1.00
This is a DCA-9200 Adapter for DC power supply.

One Channel Digital PC Scope Closeout
List Price: $245.00
Price: $39.95
The K8031 is a digital storage oscilloscope using a computer and its monitor to display waveforms. All standard oscilloscope functions are available i [more info..]

Rockit Robot Requires Soldering Kit
List Price: $37.95
Price: $9.95
This is a Rockit Robot (Requires Soldering) Kit.

Happy Face LED Blinker w PCB Closeout
List Price: $15.95
Price: $2.45
Put a smile on everyones face; happy face PCB and connecting wire included with parts kit; battery operated. On/Off switch on PCB.

4 - AA Alkaline Batteries
List Price: $3.99
Price: $1.95
4 Piece Shrink Pack

Power Supply For PCS64i Closeout
List Price: $7.95
Price: $1.00
This is a Power Supply For PCS64i (Closeout).

12V DC AC Power Adapter
List Price: $12.99
Price: $1.00
12VDC AC Power Adapter

Sumo Robot Infrared Avoid Attack Limited Stock
List Price: $88.00
Price: $9.95
Now OWIKIT brings the Sumo tradition to your home. The super warrior SUMO ROBOT can be controlled to assail and overpower its opponent or retreat to p [more info..]
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