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$6.97 Your Little Legal Companion

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Date Posted: 12-01-2015
  • A compact, fun-filled book that features entertaining facts and insights about life, love and the law!Not many books can address quitting your job or going tosmall-claims court -- then recommend watching "Office Space" orcover how cases end up before Judge Judy.Your Little Legal Companion, our most engaging book yet,does this and much more! Covering everything from birth to deathand everything in between in an easy-to-read "Top 10 list" format,you'll find quick tips on: going to college buying a car renting an apartment dealing with an accident quitting a job starting a business dealing with identity theft becoming a landlord buying and selling on eBay moving in with a significant other (yikes!) starting a band taking your dream trip surviving a natural disaster holding the best garage sale ever fighting a traffic ticket writing a will and much, much more...Turn to Your Little Legal Companion for quick, practical and justplain friendly advice from the experts, the editors of Nolo,America's leading do-it-yourself legal publisher. A quick readthat's guaranteed to make you laugh, it makes a great gift,airplane book and -- yes, it must be said-- bathroom reader!
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